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Venture Tea is one of the foremost 'Private Label OEM' tea exporters in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A Tea Co-packer with an internationally certified packing plant. Currently co-packing numerous brands in over 45 countries for over 17 years, our factory and process has streamlined throughout the years with experience. Our team of in-house professionals will manage all aspects of design, blend and packaging of your private label tea, so you get the finished product customized to your own requirement. This will give you the ability to focus on sales, distribution and building your brand.

Our tea bags comes in various sizes and styles, including tins, paper canisters, boxes, glass jars and even specialized packaging in gift boxes and wooden chests. Our range of options for your private label tea brand can be customized to provide single or double chamber tea bags, with or without tag and envelope, premium silken triangle (pyramid) sachet with or without tag and envelope as well as metal free tag bags.

Known in the industry as a fine tea exporter in Sri Lanka has gained Venture Tea its prestigious recommendation globally, expanding availability of bulk tea, Private Label OEM (Ceylon black tea, green tea, flavoured tea, herbal tea) and Tarlton Tea to over 45 countries worldwide.


Venture Tea conforms to highest possible quality standards of products by following prevention, detection and rejection procedures. Our dedication, competence and professionalism have been recognized. Our certificates are tangible proof of our commitment to excellence!

  • Pure Ceylon Tea Certification
  • Ozone Friendly Pure Ceylon Tea Certification
  • SGS HACCP Certification
  • SGS ISO 22000:2005 Certification
  • SGS GMP Certification
  • SGS FSSC Certification
  • JAS Certification
  • EU Organic Certification
  • Kosher Certification
  • Rainforest Alliance Certification
  • USDA Organic Certification
  • Fair Trade Certification
  • Vegan Certification
  • US FDA Certification
  • TUV Australia OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification
  • TUV ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • TUV ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • Venture Tea

Production Facility & Warehouse

The Venture Tea main factory and warehouse complex covers an area of approx. 40,OOOsqft Located few miles away from its main offices, this is strategically situated in an area where we are able to provide employment to skilled workers from the surrounding area.

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a livelihood for over 120 people, who contribute to the growth and success of our organization. The great value they add is reflected in the satisfied and strong relationships that are strengthened with our valued clients. In enhancing the lives and capacity of the people who serve us, we in-turn see much growth in our business and offerings.

Technology & Automationat Venture Tea

Our investment in technology and automation has enabled us to handle much greater volumes of business, without compromising on quality. This has also elevated us to a position of strength, where we can offer turnkey solutions to clients across the globe. We are able to monitor every aspect of our business with centralized reporting, which in-"turn enables better decision making and execution.

Certification such as FSSC 22000, OHSAS 14001, ISO 22000 etc recognize the commitment and value added by Venture Tea to our valued customers, employees and stakeholders across the board. We invite you to join hands with us and go forward to greater mutual success.

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In over 45 countries around the world, tea drinkers have found their perfect cup of tea with Venture Tea products.

OEM Tea Bags & Packaging

We provide services from New Product Development stage up to the final stage of production. We can develop new exclusive blends for you by combining our unique products or blends with your own label, to make your brand of tea even more valuable. This service is perfectly suitable for both conventional and organic tea.

Our services entail the complete tea solution. We will source, blend, label and even design your custom packaging styles. Experience in the tea industry and long standing service to international private label clients in over 45 countries makes this service a valuable asset to your requirements as the experts work together with client brands to deliver the finest tea in the highest quality packaging.


Single Chamber Tagless Tea Bags

1.5gr / 2gr - 25 & 100 Tea Bags, Tag less tea bags are primarily used for the "Pot-tea method" of drinking tea. If it’s a special moment where style meets the drink, tea will be served in classic style, with the whole arrangement of tea pot, tea cup and the saucers. In such an event you may use the tag less tea bags, put them in the pot, Pour hot water over them and serve it to your delighted audience.

Cingle Chamber String and Tag Tea Bags

1.5gr / 2gr - 25 & 100 Tea Bags, Single chamber string and Tag tea bag refers to the convenient tea bag solution, which allows exposure to the hot water from two sides. Being commonly used, you may prepare your cup of tea instantly, whenever you thirst for the finest Pure Ceylon Tea

Double Chamber String and Tag Tea Bags

(With Staple / Metal Free) 1.5gr / 2gr - 25 & 100 Tea Bags, Double chamber string and tag tea bags are quite similar to the single chamber tea bags, although it offers far greater interaction with hot water. The finely powdered Pure Ceylon Tea essence is trapped in two sides which will be exposed to the warm water from four sides. This is possible due to the packaging done with a tunneled opening from the entre, trapping the tea powder on either side of the tea bag walls.

Single Chamber Envelope Tea Bags

1.5gr / 2gr - 25 & 100 Tea Bags, same as single chamber string and tag tea bags, single chamber envelope differ due to the enveloped packaging that ensures your tea bags are more secured from the surrounding. Since the cover is thicker than the tea bags, it helps to preserve the quality of the tea for a longer time.

Double Chamber Envelope Tea Bags

Paper / Paper Foil / Aluminium Foil (Metal Free) 1.5gr / 2gr - 25 & 100 Tea Bags, Double Chamber string and tag tea bags will be enveloped in convenient packaging, which ensures preservation of your future delightful tea moments in style.

Pyramid Tea Bags, Nylon and Bio Degradable

1.59 to 3g - 15 Tea Bags / 20 Tea Bags / 25 Tea Bags Pyramid Tea bags are the latest advancement of convenient tea making, which has revolutionized the way global community enjoys a cup of specialty tea. The bags are made from nylon strands which are woven into a tiny net-like mesh~ The mesh comprise of holes that are much larger than ordinary paper bag that allow warm waters to interact with more of the tea leaves, permitting to release more nutrients, Character and essential oils to your cup of Pure Ceylon Tea.

Loose Tea and Special Packaging

Paper Boxes
Metal Tins
Alu Pouches
Glass Jars
Paper Canisters

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